4-Step Multi-Level Carpeted Cat Scratching Post Pet Stairs

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– Promotes Play: Multilevel design with 4 steps and 8 posts promotes your cat’s natural desire to scratch, climb, and play while saving your furniture from destruction.

– Helpful for Small and Senior Pets: Whether your pet is older, ailing, or simply needs help due to their size, this pet step stool gives your furry friend easy access to difficult to reach areas.

– Portable and Convenient: Lightweight and sturdy, this pet stairs ramp can be easily moved, shifted, and stored for convenient accessibility.

– Long Lasting Durability: Sturdy engineered wood for strong support can hold pets up to 44 pounds.
– Maximum Joy and Comfort: Plush Berber fleece steps are soft and gentle on paws while being tough enough for your cat to scratch, play, or sleep on.


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