Antique Bird Bath Decorative Birdbath

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– Versatile Bird Bath: Say hello to the neighborhood hummingbird. Featuring two basins on the top and bottom, our bird bath can hold water and birdseed. It’s a place for birds to drink water, eat food, and have a bath.

– Chic Yard Statue: A statue of a song bird adorns the top of our flower pattern bird bath basin. With an elegant classical appearance, our outdoor bird bath is an instant centerpiece for any outdoor space.

– Eye-catching Bird Bath: Give your garden antique charm without worrying about moving your bird bath. The material of our bird bath has been given a rustic, time-worn look, creating the illusion of metal with a lightweight build.

– Outdoor Ready: The polypropylene plastic used in our bird bath is selected to endure water, weather, and frost to give you a place to bird watch season after season.

– Reinforce Your Bird Bath: To help your bird bath stand up, we’ve included three ground stakes. Also, we recommend filling its base with stones to supply extra weight.


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