Modern Cat Tree Tower

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OR LARGE CATS WEIGHING UP TO 23 POUNDS: This beautiful piece of modern cat furniture is meant to hold cats weighing up to 23 pounds or even multiple cats! Its quality real wood branch are extremely sturdy and meant to last for years to come. You can rest assured knowing this tree can fit some of the largest cats out there with no issues whatsoever.

EASY TO CLEAN: These trees are extremely easy to clean! The cushion is MACHINE WASHABLE and the rest of the tree can easily be vacuumed or cleaned with a dry foam cleaner.

BEAUTIFUL & UNIQUE DESIGN: Unlike most cat furniture, this wood and wicker cat tree tower will enhance the look of your home. It includes one beautifully crafted hand woven wicker baskets containing extremely comfortable cushions (removable and machine washable) and one cat condo and two platform beds. It is perfect for your kitty to have a glorious time napping while you can enjoy looking at a beautiful piece of art that adds to your homes aesthetics.

TERRITORIAL BENEFITS: Cats, being territorial by nature, find a valuable space to establish their domain within this cat tree. Elevated platforms serve as secure perches, providing your cat with a vantage point to observe its surroundings and fostering a heightened sense of security.

RELEASE NATURE INSTINCTS OF CATS: The cute trouble makers who love climbing and chasing can’t miss this cat tree! The scratching post and hanging pom-pom balls will drive them crazy! It can provide hours of entertainment for cats, helping them reduce stress and unleash their wild side while reducing potential furniture damage.

SPACE SAVING SOLUTION: Cat trees, designed as vertical structures, offer an ingenious space-saving solution, ideal for compact living spaces. These structures afford your cat a designated space to climb and play, cleverly maximizing vertical dimensions without encroaching on valuable floor space.


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