Wooden Bird Aviary with Slide-Out Tray

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– Spacious Bird House: This outdoor aviary features enough room for birds to spread their wings and stretch. The 0.5″ bar spacing ensures the security of finches, parakeets, and similar-sized birds. Food and water containers are included.

– Playground Fun: This outdoor bird cage is extra fun for your feathered friend, with multiple wood perches, ladders, and private birdhouses to provide a sweet home.

– Owner-Friendly Design: This aviary has a side door, a large front door, and a small front door, so you can easily access and maintain the finch cage or interact with your birds. The doors have locks to prevent escape, and the removable tray promotes quick cleaning, keeping their space tidy.

– Strong Construction: With its steel frame, this finch cage provides a solid home for birds to thrive in. Finished with an asphalt roof and painted for a water-safe seal, it can be used outdoors to let your bird enjoy the fresh air.


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